Frequently Asked Questions

Do you send items interstate or overseas?2019-11-15T08:38:10+10:00

I am happy to accomodate requests, subject to mandatory prior quoting on freight and insurance. Any customs issues at the port of entry will be the responsibility of the purchaser.

How would you recommend taking care of an item after purchase?2019-11-15T08:38:24+10:00

All products will come with basic care instructions. Most are finished with specialised furniture oils that are hardy, renewable and refreshable. As a word of caution, not all commercial “furniture polishes” are recommended for quality woodwork. Some, if allowed to soak into the timber, particularly through even minor scratches, can penetrate deeply into the timber, significantly complicating refinishing back to original standards at a later date. AVOID ANYTHING with “silicon” mentioned; it will significantly hinder future recovery attempts. If in doubt, call for advice.

What if I accidentally damage an item after receiving it?2019-11-15T08:38:32+10:00

Depending on the severity of the damage, I am happy to receive pieces back for modest rectification, usually free of charge — remember; these are “my babies”. I am also happy to travel modest distances to effect on-the-spot repairs, where appropriate.

It is in the nature of wooden products that they can sometimes quite easily be damaged; but very often, they can be just as easily be flawlessly repaired. If ever a scratched tabletop crosses over from merely showing a “patina of time” to “scratches from a grandchild’s belt buckle”, note that very few wooden products cannot be refinished back to virtually new condition.

Can I request a custom order?2019-11-15T08:37:35+10:00

Within the scope of our product range — we do not function as a general purpose woodworking shop — I am happy to accommodate requests. Purchasers are welcome to, by appointment, come in and inspect my often sizeable stock of raw timber materials, with a view to commissioning an appropriate piece. Remember, almost everything I produce is “one-off”.

Do you offer a “workmanship guarantee” on your products?2019-11-15T08:37:24+10:00

As a maker of unique, highly functional and eye-pleasing items of woodwork, I most certainly stand behind my workmanship. ANY structural failure of a product that is not the result of mistreatment, will be either repaired or replaced, free of charge, for the lifetime of the product. These are not intended as “consumer products”; they are intended as “heirlooms”.

Can I view an item before purchasing?2019-11-15T08:37:10+10:00

I most certainly welcome any prospective purchaser to view the product of their interest, prior to committing. Particularly with the larger ticket items, I would be most reluctant to supply, without a prior viewing.

How is the wood for your products sourced?2019-11-15T08:35:31+10:00

Sustainable Timber

As a maker of beautiful furniture, WildWood Creations maintains a strict policy of timber recycling and sustainability. Most of our accent timbers are from fallen logs, often harvested after many years of lying unloved on the forest floor. Other timber is harvested from many different recycled sources; ranging from structural construction timber, to old wharf pylons, to country lamp posts.

It is amazing to our generation just how much gorgeous timber was used by our forbearers for the most mundane of purposes and a delight for us to give this heirloom material new and spectacular life. Note that much of the personality of these timbers emerges from their imperfections; the worm holes and once rotted voids, when properly treated, contribute significantly to their character. We will rarely try to minimise these features.

We do use other, sustainably harvested timbers for structural purposes, such as legs and braces.

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